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Juliane is a brazilian music composer, sound designer and multi-instrumentalist graduated from Udesc (BR) with a degree in Music. She has worked as a music composer and sound designer for games since 2013. She also makes sound and music production for video and advertising. She has worked as a contracted music composer for Cat Nigiri —  indie game studio based in Florianópolis (BR) — since 2013. Currently working at Estúdio Urbano (opened for projects).

Formada em Licenciatura em Música (Udesc), multi-instrumentista, compositora musical e sound designer para mídia audiovisual com ênfase em jogos eletrônicos. Trabalha na área de trilha sonora para games desde 2013, também trabalhando na área de áudio e produção musical para audiovisual e publicidade. Trabalha como compositora contratada da Cat Nigiri — estúdio de desenvolvimento de jogos indie (Florianópolis, BR) — desde 2013. Atualmente integra o Estúdio Urbano como compositora e sound designer (estamos abertos a projetos).

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A Guerra dos Tronos (Cafundó, BR)

music and sound effects (estúdio urbano)

keen | launch trailer

When looking at Keen, which is currently being developed, we have a mixture of very different instruments and intentions from Necrosphere. Keen’s music is inspired by and make references to Japanese Studio Ghibli’s animations soundtracks, made by Joe Hisaishi’s, mixed with traditional Japanese music, and also soundtracks from movies set in modern Tokyo, filled with neon signs such as Enter the Void alongside with elements of counterculture and electronic music and synth pop.

Check out more info about Keen and Necrosphere soundtracks!

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